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The translator’s job

The translation is what transforms everything so that nothing changes.

(G. Grass)

About me

My name is Krizia Maloberti, I am a professional translator, and I am specialized in the publishing translations.

I am Italian mother tongue, and I translate the publishing works in the following language combinations:

  • from FRENCH to ITALIAN
  • from ITALIAN to FRENCH

I worked like publishing translator for over a decade, and I am a self-employed person with VAT number.

I specialized in publishing translations because I like very much to read any book or novel, and so I decided to combine the love for the reading to the one for the writing.

I have translated different books for authors and publishing houses. It is possible to ask for the translation of books in paper format or e-book or other electronic format.

As publishing translator, I have all necessary requirements to face up to these types of projects:

  • I am able to export the texts respecting the author’s style and original purposes, but at the same time I intervene on all aspects which must be localized.
  • I am able to supply publishing translations which proves to be natural to the readers of the target language, because my main aim is to hide that the original text was written in another language.

All publishing translations are carried out by me, and they are subjected to three processes (without additional costs):

  • the translation of the original tex
  • the editing of the translated tex
  • the proofreading of the translated text

Thanks to my experience, it is possible to ask for the translation of many publishing texts, for example

  • newspaper articles
  • biographies
  • press releases
  • leaders
  • interviews
  • manual andleaflets
  • books
  • magazines
  • reportage and dossier
  • reviews
  • scenarios
  • subtitles
  • plays

Finally, but not least, all publishing translations are covered by the confidentiality clause (published on the general conditions of service which are always sent to the customer along with the quotation), with which the customer is protected about his/her personal data, the nature of the work, the content of the work and any other information that the customer sends to the translator.

 It is for thisreason that you can’t find my customers’ names or their books on this website or other social network that I have.


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